SVN exception "Unsupported URI form"

I have a problem while checking out a specific repository URL. I am trying to check out an URL that looks like this:!svn/bc/23359/some/path/to/resource

When I try to access this URL through a browser, it displays correctly. But when I try to check it out using Tortoise SVN, I get the following error:
Unsupported URI form

This is all it says... Anyone has any tips?
graham on 24-01-2013 10:09
In my URL I was referring to the revision number in the following way:

It turns out that my SVN server and the DAV on it where running in version 1.3 of SVN, where this way of referring to a specific revision was supported. However, my Tortoise SVN is in version 1.6. It seems that my Tortoise SVN simply doesn't support this way of referring to a revision.

I solved it by removing the revision reference from the URI - now it looks like this:

Then, if I wanted to check out a specific revision, I specify it in the Tortoise SVN GUI.
graham on 24-01-2013 10:16

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