Heroku app idling with SIGTERM

I have a Java app running on Heroku with some Web jsp pages and a scheduler that runs in the background. Every now and then the scheduler jobs don't seem to execute. When I look at the Heroku logs, I see the following message:
Heroku logs
2011-05-30T19:11:09+00:00 heroku[web.1]: Idling
2011-05-30T19:11:17+00:00 heroku[web.1]: Stopping process with SIGTERM

From what I understand the application is going to sleep for some reason. When I open any Web page from my app, the logs show that the app is going alive again, and then scheduler starts working again as well.
graham on 14-02-2013 10:38
The reason of the app going to sleep was that with I am running a free version of Heroku with one web dyno and no worker dynos. The scheduler is running on the web dyno. However, the default behaviour in Heroku is to put all web threads to sleep if they haven't been called for an hour.

If my web dynos go to sleep, the scheduler stops working as well.

There can be a few solutions for this:
- you can add a free Heroku "scheduler" add-on that will ping your app at certain intervals
- you can use an external service like Pingdom to call your web app every once in a while and keep it alive
- you can switch to a paid version of Heroku and move your scheduler to a worker dyno
graham on 14-02-2013 10:43

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