Not all tasks returned in a SOQL query

I have a SOQL query in my Apex Controller that queries tasks according to some conditions:
List<Task> tasks = [SELECT Id FROM Task WHERE Subject = 'Some Subject'];

However, the query does not return the correct number of rows - some are missing. When I run the same query with RealForce explorer, the correct number of tasks is returned.
graham on 16-05-2013 08:29
The reason might be that tasks older than a year are automatically archived by Salesforce and won't be returned in normal queries. To query for all tasks, use the ALL ROWS keyword at the end of your SOQL query:
List<Task> tasks = [SELECT Id FROM Task WHERE Subject = 'Some Subject' ALL ROWS];

The use of ALL ROWS will result in all tasks being returned, including archived and deleted tasks. Now, you usually don't want deleted tasks to be returned, so you need to restrict this:
List<Task> tasks = [SELECT Id FROM Task WHERE Subject = 'Some Subject' AND IsDeleted = false ALL ROWS];
graham on 16-05-2013 08:31

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