Query large sets of records in Salesforce using queryMore

Posted on 15-01-2013 09:42 by graham
While using Salesforce Metadata API, you often have to execute queries that will return large result sets. Salesforce puts a limit of 2000 on the call of the query() method. In order to fetch the entire result set, you need to call queryMore().

The code below shows how to do this in Java:
public static List<SObject> queryLargeSet (String query, PartnerConnection connection)
List<SObject> allObjects = new ArrayList<SObject>();
QueryResult result;

result = connection.query(query);
boolean allRecordsFetched = false;

while (!allRecordsFetched)
for (int i = 0; i < result.getRecords().length; i++)

allRecordsFetched = result.isDone();
if (!allRecordsFetched)
result = connection.queryMore(result.getQueryLocator());
catch (ConnectionException e)

return allObjects;


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