Sorting @OneToMany collections in Hibernate

Posted on 31-01-2013 20:27 by graham
This tutorial shows how to sort @OneToMany collections in Hibernate.

Using the @OrderBy annotation

If you have a collections of some objects annotated with @OneToMany, all you need to do to have it sorted it to make use of the @OrderBy annotation (javax.persistence.OrderBy).
@OneToMany(mappedBy = "parent")
public List<Person> getChildren()
return this.children;

Once the collection is annotated this way, Hibernate will build its queries in a way that includes ordering of items.

Using Lists instead of Sets

When using this solution, be sure to have the getter of the collection you want to sort return List type. Do not use Set, because it does not support order, so even if your Hibernate query will return ordered items, there is no guarantee this order will be preserved.


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