Calling Ajax in VisualForce Apex

Posted on 20-02-2013 16:06 by graham
This tutorial describes how to perform an Ajax call on a VisualForce page.

Building your page

You start with building your VF page. Below is a simple example:
<apex:page controller="SomeController">


<!-- this panel will be reloaded when the Ajax action executes -->
<apex:outputPanel id="message">
<apex:outputText value="{!message}"></apex:outputText>

<apex:commandLink value="Show message" action="{!showMessage}" rerender="message"></apex:commandLink>



Note the most important part - the rerender attribute on the commandLink. It tells the page to reload the contents of the message panel once the Ajax action has finished executing.

Build the controller

The page above uses SomeController.cls for processing the actions, so we need to build it as well:
public class SomeController
public String message { get; private set; }

public PageReference showMessage()
this.message = 'Hello from an Ajax call';

And that's all. Now, once the "Show Message" link is clicked, the contents of the message panel will be reloaded, and the message defined in the controller displayed.


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