Using properties file in Java

Posted on 15-03-2013 08:33 by graham
It is a good practice to keep all configuration of your system in an external properties file, not in the code itself. This allows your application to be more configurable and allows you to introduce changes to the configuration without recompiling the code.

Properties file format

Java property files contain properties as key-value pair separates by an equals symbol. Application

Reading properties from file

Properties can be parsed using the java.util.Properties class:
Properties properties;

Utility class for accessing properties

Using the code above we can build a nice utility class that will handle property loading for us.
public class PropertyUtil
private static Properties properties;

public static String getProperty(String name) throws OrgStatsException
if (properties == null)
properties = new Properties();
catch (Exception e)
throw new PropertyUtilException("Could not load file: " + e.getMessage());
return properties.getProperty(name);


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