UTF-8 encoding in Spring MVC/JSP

Posted on 16-03-2013 16:58 by graham
If you're building an app for users other than English, you're likely to need to add some UTF-8 characters. This tutorial shows how to properly implement this in your Web application.

Source file encoding

This first step might not be necessary, but it's worth making sure you're JSP and Java source files are in UTF-8.

JSP page charset

The second step is to make JSP use the UTF-8 charset:
<%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=UTF-8" pageEncoding="UTF-8" %>

Use the CharsetEncodingFilter

You also need to include the CharsetEncodingFilter in the filter chain. To do this, in your web.xml put the following filter at the beginning:


That's it. Now all values passed in the app, e.g. during form submission, will be encoded in UTF-8.


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