Find closest parent in JQuery

Posted on 08-05-2013 21:54 by graham
This tutorial shows how to find the closest parent element of a given element using JQuery. It uses the closest method some selectors that put conditions on what the parent element should meet.

Using closest to find elements

Let's say we have a table with some rows and field in each row. Now, we want to hide all rows that have CSS class toggling and contain a text area. This is our code
<td><textarea name="someName1"></textarea></td>
<tr class="toggling">
<td><textarea name="someName2"></textarea></td>
<tr class="toggling">
<td><input type="text" name="someName3"></input></td>

To find and hide all tr elements with class toggling and containing a textarea, we do the following:

To try it out yourself, see this code sample in our code sandbox.


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