SQLException: Cannot instantiate a SerialArray with null parameters

Posted on 26-01-2014 14:19 by graham
I have an app that uses JdbcTemplate to perform queries using Postgresql's array_agg function:
getJdbcTemplate().queryForRowSet("SELECT array_agg(name) FROM customer");

The application ran on Tomcat 7 server, Postgres 9.2, Oracle Java 7 on my local computer, and everything worked fine. However, when I deployed it to another machine (Debian 5 Squeeze), I started getting this error while running the array_agg query:
java.sql.SQLException: Cannot instantiate a SerialArray with null parameters

After a lot of research it turned out that my other machine used OpenJDK instead of Oracle's Java. When I changed the default JVM to Oracle's Java 7, the query started working fine.


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