Checking if a Quartz job is already running

Posted on 04-01-2013 11:33 by graham
When using Quartz jobs in Java, it often happens that we only want to run a job if its previous iteration has finished executing. Below is a way to check if a previous instance of the job has finished executing, and runs only if the previous iteration has terminated.
public class SomeJob implements Job
public void execute(JobExecutionContext ctx) throws JobExecutionException
// check if a previous iteration of this job is still running
if (isJobRunning(ctx))
// previous iteration still running, skip

// do the actual work

private boolean isJobRunning(JobExecutionContext ctx) throws SchedulerException
List<JobExecutionContext> jobs = ctx.getScheduler().getCurrentlyExecutingJobs();

for (JobExecutionContext job : jobs)
// check if the current job is already running (make sure to check that fire times are different so that a different
// instance of the same job is checked)
if (job.getJobDetail().getJobClass().getName().equals(this.getClass().getName()) && !job.getFireTime().equals(ctx.getFireTime()))
return true;

return false;


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